In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of your dental health is more important than ever. Dental issues can be not only painful but also costly. To make sure you and your family receive the best dental care without breaking the bank, consider becoming a SLEEK Dental PRO member. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the various benefits of this membership level, shedding light on each valuable feature it offers.

1. Dental Insurance Underwritten by MetLife

One of the standout perks of a SLEEK Dental PRO membership is dental insurance underwritten by MetLife. This means you have access to MetLife’s extensive network of dental care providers, ensuring high-quality dental services when you need them most.

2. Competitive Pricing

SLEEK Dental PRO is designed to be accessible to all, with prices starting at just $65.95 per month. To get started, there is a one-time enrollment fee of $25. This affordable pricing structure allows you to secure excellent dental coverage without straining your budget.

3. 80/60/50 Co-Insurance

With SLEEK Dental PRO, you’ll enjoy a competitive co-insurance model, which means that after meeting your deductible ($100 Individual/ $300 Family, each per calendar year), you’ll only be responsible for a percentage of the costs.

  • 80% coverage for preventative care with no waiting period
  • 60% coverage for basic services with no waiting period
  • 50% coverage for major services with a 12-month waiting period from the start date of an individual’s benefits

4. Increasing Annual Max per Year (Through Year 3)

SLEEK Dental PRO is designed to reward your loyalty. Your annual maximum benefit increases, per each person covered by the policy, over the first three years, providing even more coverage as you continue to be a member.

  • Year 1- $1,000
  • Year 2- $1,250
  • Year 3- $1,500

5. MetLife PDP Plus Network

SLEEK Dental PRO members are granted access to MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) Plus Network, enduring a wide array of qualified and experienced dental professionals to choose from. Members can easily locate an in-network provider with the MetLife “Find a Dentist” feature by selecting the PDP Plus network and entering their zip code. The information contained in the directory is updated every business day. It is always advised to confirm the provider‘s network participation status before receiving treatment.

6. SLEEK Electronic Toothbrush Kit

To promote excellent oral health, qualifying SLEEK Dental PRO members receive a SLEEK electronic toothbrush welcome kit. Each kit contains:

  • Electric Toothbrush with 5 Cleaning Modes
  • Oscillating Brush Head with 2-Minute Timer
  • Built-in rechargeable USB Charger
  • Toothbrush Holder & Traveling Case

7. Quarterly Oral Care Refills

Your SLEEK Dental PRO membership doesn’t just stop at the toothbrush. You’ll also receive quarterly, auto-shipped toothbrush head replacements and floss picks, ensuring you have some of the essentials needed to maintain optimal oral hygiene. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush head every three months. SLEEK Dental PRO is ready to keep your oral health journey on track.

8. Teledentistry

In today’s digital age, convenience is key. SLEEK Dental PRO members have access to teledentistry services, allowing you to consult with a qualified dentist from the comfort of your own home when necessary. Available to qualified members 24/7/365, each professional is licensed in the US, can provide personalized treatment plans, and prescribe non-narcotic medications.

9. Discount Rx Benefits

As part of your SLEEK Dental PRO membership, you’ll also enjoy valuable discount prescription benefits, helping you save on essential medications for your overall well-being. Savings of 10%-85% on generic and name-brand medications are available at over 65,000 providers nationwide. Members will always receive the lowest price at the pharmacy that day with mail order service available.

10. Association Benefits

SLEEK Dental PRO members receive access to association benefits, providing members with professional, lifestyle and health-related perks. Example benefits include vision and hearing savings, chiropractic discounts and a 24-hour nurse line.

11.Byte Impression Kit Discount

Byte is a leader in clear aligner therapy. SLEEK Dental PRO members can benefit from savings of $85 off impression kits and $100 off aligners. There is no in-office visit required as everything is handled by US mail. Byte’s impression kit makes it easier and more affordable to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile in half the time of competitors.

With SLEEK Dental PRO, you’re not just getting dental insurance, you’re unlocking a world of benefits to support your oral health journey. From affordable pricing to cutting-edge tools, it’s your key to a brighter smile!

Ready to sign up for your SLEEK Dental PRO membership today? Click here to enroll.

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